We edit the photo according to your instructions Pixel Pro provides high quality digital photo restoration, editing, retouching and custom art for consumers and professional photographers. Pricing Each Pixel Pro order is custom priced

so you don't overpay for less demanding jobs.

•Add Text & People
•Background Change
•Color Change
•Color Correction
•Fix Hair, Clothes & Skin
•Lighten/Darken Area
•Motion Effects
•Remove Person(s)
•Remove Thing(s)
•Digital Handcoloring
•Hollywood Glamourize
•Photo Restoration
•Photo Illustrations

We can change colors of objects or correct an entire "off-color" photos

Eliminate or fix distracting backgrounds, objects or unwanted/obnoxious people

Just about anything else you can imagine -

Pixel Pro
can make it happen!

Pixel Pro
Procedure Color Change
(change color of clothing, background, objects
and more!)


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